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    Things to think about before renting a single family home.

    1. What is the rent?-

    2) How much money just to move in?

    3) Personal guarantor?

    4) Who pays for utilities?

    5) Up front fees?

    6) Security deposit?

    7) Lease term?

    8) Release clauses-

    9) Pets-

    10) Maintenance/Repairs-

    11) Rules for guests-

    12) Subletting your property-

    13) Landlord moving in duties-

    14) Renters Insurance? –

    Things to think about before renting a condominium/Cooperative.

    Things to think about before renting a townhome.

    Most common mistakes to avoid while renting.

    1. Not reading the lease carefully

    2) Passing up on Renters Insurance

    3) Overlooking the neighborhood

    4) Renting property without seeing it physically first

    5) Not making sure location works for you

    6) Failing to inform landlord of maintenance issues

    7) Not paying rent on time

    8) Not getting along with roommates

    What questions should you ask your landlord before renting?

    1. Are utilities included in the rent price?

    2) How often will rent increase and by approximately how much?

    3) When is rent due and how will you need to pay?

    4) What grace period is there for rent payment?

    5) What are the terms of the lease agreement?

    6) What happens if you need to break the lease or extend the lease?

    7) How much security deposit will you need to pay?

    8) When can you expect the security deposit to be returned when you leave the property?

    9) Is there a pet policy and will you need to pay a pet deposit?

    10) If you are renting property within a HOA, what are the restrictions?

    11) Does the landlord require tenant or renters insurance?

    12) What responsibilities do you have as a tenant? Are they fully detailed in the lease?

    13) What responsibilities does the landlord have to you as a tenant?

    14) What is forbidden? (Painting walls, satellite dish/cable, guests, loud noises)

    15) Is parking available? Do you have to pay for parking?

    16) What can you expect about landlord entering the property while you live there?

    17) Process for moving in and moving out?

    18) What do you need to know about garbage collection/recycling property?

    How to go about choosing the perfect rental that suits your needs.

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