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  • About Nihar Shah

    As a Florida resident and native, I am here to help you find a perfect home that fits your budget, location preference, and comfortability. I recognize and understand that buying a home is the single biggest financial decision for most families and my goal is to be your guide through this process.

    As a brief background, I have lived in Orlando for the past 20 years and have enjoyed the rapid development and construction of the City Beatiful. My roots are deep in Orlando and I am familiar with all the major areas of Orlando ranging from Lake Mary to Windermere. Having graduated from Lake Highland Preparatory in Orlando and finished my undergraduate at UCF in Bio Medical Sciences. I truly know Orlando as a true local.

    My interest in Real Estate started in high school when I used to help watch homes for my neighbors home while they lived out of state. During this time, I learnt a great deal about what it takes to maintain a home in Florida. For example, the importance of sealing stucco cracks after a house settles, ensuring irrigation heads spray away from the house, preping a house for a hurricane and ensuring AC lines are flushed on a regular basis to avoid AC issues.

    I joined Reiki Realty because of their signature approach to going above and beyond in helping families find their dream home. What inspires me to the best Realtor in town is to ensure that each and every client of mine felt I gave them 110% of my attention. I will always keep you in the loop even when I do not have updates!

    I would be honored to assist you if you gave me the opportunity to help you find your real estate whether it be a home, an office or any commercial space. Call me today so that we can get started immediately.

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